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Arranging a Funeral

Personalised arrangements

Funerals are about honouring lives - and just as every life is unique, every goodbye can be too. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter style funerals - each one is different. You can be as true to tradition as you wish or as contemporary as you like when making the arrangements. You don’t even need to call it a funeral. It can be called a gathering, farewell, memorial or anything you feel fitting.

Our local community is remarkable in its cultural diversity and we pride ourselves on providing service and care of the highest quality in a way that meets the full spectrum of needs. No matter what your specific requirements are, our staff are on hand to arrange the most fitting farewell.

That is why we provide a wide range of choices - to allow you to craft a farewell that suits your needs, your preferences and budget.

Please call 02 69 254444 for a consultation with our experienced staff.