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Arranging a Funeral

Easy to understand pricing

Just as we are all different, so too are our funeral wishes - the total cost will depend on the arrangements you choose to put into place.

There are certain inclusions and certifications that are necessary for all funerals, including disposition of the body for burial or cremation. Some of these costs are fixed, others will vary. However, there are many more elements that will differ from funeral to funeral.

The aspects of each funeral arrangement will inevitably vary according to each individual client family’s requirements and preferences. Just as importantly, arrangements are often impacted by cultural and religious necessities.

Arranging a funeral involves a great deal of personal interaction. It relies on a close collaboration between our funeral planners, and you, as the client family.

Through this close collaboration you will understand the full extent of our role and all the elements that the funeral arrangement and pricing comprise of. And when it comes to pricing, we will explain fully all the factors impacting prices. 

We welcome all enquiries about funeral costs, whether it be over the phone, at our office or in your home. We will take the time to assist you in making your loved one’s farewell exactly how you wish it to be.

Once we have gained an understanding of your requirements and preferences, we will provide you with a written estimate of costs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and obtain an obligation free estimate.

Please call 02 69 254444 for a consultation with our experienced staff.