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Arranging a Funeral

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when someone dies?
Usually the best option is to contact us and we will guide you through what needs to be done as there are different requirements depending on where and how the death occurred.

What is less expensive - burial or cremation?
In Wagga Wagga cremation is less expensive than burial, however in the surrounding shires burial fees vary and may be comparable to cremation fees.

How soon can a funeral be held?
This greatly depends upon the certification of the cause of death. Sometimes there is the perception that the Funeral must take place relatively quickly, however time should be taken to ensure that the Funeral Service is a true commemoration of the person’s life. Things to be considered could be the need for family and friends to travel to attend the Funeral Service.

Is a viewing necessary?
A “viewing” is the opportunity to see and spend time with the person who has died, prior to the funeral. It is a personal choice whether to have a viewing or not.

Viewings can offer those chances we wish we had....”if only”, to:

  • Depending on the time and cause of death, a viewing may allow the family the opportunity to see their loved one in a less stressful environment;
  • Confirm the reality of death; and
  • To say the “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “If only” words we may want to say.

How soon will I get a death certificate?
We will register the death with Births, Deaths & Marriages on your behalf. Generally we receive the certificate within two weeks of the service being held and we then forward this onto the family or their solicitor if instructed to do so.

Who do I need to notify?
Please refer to our helpful checklist on our website.
View Our Funeral Checklist

What are the benefits of pre-paying a funeral bond?
Anyone can take out a Prepaid Funeral Plan regardless of their age or state of health, and in doing so can enjoy the following benefits:

  • You can protect your family from the distress of making difficult decisions at an emotional time;
  • Your family will be relieved from any financial burden;
  • It makes good financial sense. You can ensure that your exact wishes are made known and are carried out;
  • Prepaying means real peace of mind for you and your family; and
  • You may be able to maximise your pension entitlement. Any money paid into the Plan is not subject to the income or assets test or deemed earnings rule (according to current legislation).

Are there any restriction regarding ashes?
No, as ashes have no legal entity therefore it is completely up to the family as to what they wish to do. Options can be to scatter the ashes (if on private property permission is needed from the owner), inter within a memorial garden, place in an ashes urn, or inter into an existing grave.

Please call 02 69 254444 for a consultation with our experienced staff.