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Writing a Eulogy

Recognise the honour:

For many people the fear of public speaking makes writing and delivering a eulogy intimidating . Recognizing the honour and the opportunities can help calm these fears and make the speech more approachable.

Realise your Task:

The task for the eulogist is to bring the person back into the minds of those assembled.

An effective eulogy uses words to paint a picture for the audience. Creating a picture of the person for the audience can be done by reminiscing, sharing anecdotes, telling stories and talking about the many aspects of the person's life - their family, friends, interests and unique qualities.

A eulogy lets everyone remember the person--who they were, what they did and what they enjoyed about life.

Remember and Recall:

  • Who am I speaking to – make the eulogy appropriate to your audience?
  • How would the person like to be remembered?
  • What made them special?
  • Favourite pastimes and interests, likes and dislikes?
  • When were they happiest?
  • Who was really close to them?
  • What did i really like about them?
  • What did other people really like about theme?
  • What are the highlights of their life story?
  • If i could say only three things about them, what would they be?
  • Who can help me check my facts?
  • Is anyone else planning to speak about the person at the funeral?
  • Do we need to avoid saying the same thing twice?
  • Be conscious of how long you want your eulogy to be?


It is a good idea to practice reading the eulogy to someone beforehand and ask them for their feedback.

To help you in relation to writing a Eulogy please click here to download a helpful guide.